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Fitness doesn't have to take forever and you shouldn't have to look like a 25 year old supermodel in order to workout and feel comfortable doing it while everyone else in the gym watches you. Quick Fit Indiana is a private personal training studio. That's right, there is no one else in the room watching you exercise. Quick Fit Indiana also uses the most advance, high tech, safe and effective equipment in the fitness industry to deliver results without all the awkward movements. Do you really want to do burpees, jumping jacks and high knees? Most of our exercises are performed in a seated position using resistance strength training. Resistance strength training is clinically proven to deliver the best results in less time than all other exercise. We can speak the differences all day but you really have to experience the equipment first hand. Our 28 day Health and Body Re-Set program is the best way to get started with us.

672 S College Ave
Bloomington, IN 47403

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