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At Bloomington Chocolate Company, you will find many uses for a $20 gift certificate. We offer special sweet treats for holidays. handmade truffles, delectable chocolate bars, turtles, and Blooming-O's-our chocolate dipped Red Velvet sandwich cookies!

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Bloomington Chocolate Company
Located at The Olive Leaf 2506 E 3rd St Bloomington, IN 47401 812-961-0434

Bloomington Chocolate Company may seem like the new kids on the block, but in reality, they're been making fresh, handmade truffles for seven years. Local chocolatier, Linda Armes, began her chocolate truffle business in 2011, providing the Bloomington scene with innovative chocolate truffles, including truffles made with Oliver wines, and the Galaxy Truffle Collection. For 7 years, Peacetree Mountain Truffles led the way in flavorful, unique, truffles at their shop inside The Olive Leaf on Bloomington's east side. Late last year, Linda began expanding her line of chocolate offerings by introducing her Fall Chocolate Leaf Collection - a box of 4 distinct solid chocolates in the shape of leaves, and decorated in fall colors. They quickly became a hit with their bright colors and delicious chocolates. Spurred on by their popularity, Linda added more solid chocolates, and then this year, her Orange Almond Turtles. That's when it occurred to her - her business name no longer indicated the variety they were actually producing. So she decided it was time to rebrand the company so that it would reflect her growth not only in the business but also in their offerings. Welcome, Bloomington Chocolate Company. As part of the company rebranding, Armes has also added a new signature piece - BloomingO's. BloomingO's are chocolate covered red velvet sandwich cookies drizzled in red and white. Another new offering is solid chocolate bars in dark, semi-sweet, milk, and white - allowing customers to pick their favorite chocolate and take home bars of it year round. Temporary Hours: Monday-Thursday 11am-6pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-7pm, Sunday-Closed.


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