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Make your dream body a reality! We are Springfield's best kept secret! Your friend or neighbor that mysteriously lost weight and slimmed overnight.... Yes thats us! Shhh..Come on in we can get you there as well! Schedule your appointment right here through this link below.. Introducing...The first and only Lipo Ex Clinic in the state of Missouri! Welcome to the Fat Loss & Body Transformation Clinic. We specialize in permanent fat loss, cellulite reduction, facial/body sculpting, weight reduction, and skin tightening, using Lipo-ex technology. Doors open first of April, call now and set an appointment for free consultation 417-882-MELT, take advantage of our low introductory price, while its available! Lipo-Ex is the next generation technology that offers an effective non-surgical, no downtime and painless treatment for cellulite and body contouring. Lipo-Ex is a simple technique using bi-polar radio frequency to increase the bodys core temperature to dissolve fat cells without affecting any other structures in the body. Lipo-Ex feels like a hot stone massage while it coutours, shapes and slims the body. Many patients actually fall asleep during the treatment. Lipo-Ex is the first technology to ever melt the unhealthy and dangerous visceral fat located behind the muscle wall. Lipo-Ex can go as deep as 4in and target the stubborn fat that we cannot get rid of through diet and exercise. CT scans, body circumference and weight measurements confirm that Lipo-Ex offers a reduction of 2-3 inches and up to 10lbs, in just 6-8 weekly treatments. Many clients see dramtaic results!

2030 S Stewart, Suite 112
Springfield MO 65804

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